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How to Outperform Your Competition with Facebook Ads

How to Outperform Your Competition with Facebook Ads
We’ll discuss nine powerful advertising strategies to help your startup grow in this post:

1. Boost Your Existing Posts and Promotions

The best tactic to use when you’re just starting out is to boost your posts for likes. Boosting your existing posts for likes rather than clicks will help you grow your community more quickly. You can still create ripple effects with just 10 dollars or less, especially if you know what to do after you boost it.Even better, you can create your target audience through Facebook Ads Audience Manager.

2. Set Ad Campaign Goals
In order to set the right goals for your ad marketing strategy, you will need a roadmap. Having this roadmap will help you measure the success of your strategy later on. To ensure that your plan can be successful, you should do your research first before setting goals.

3. Identify Your Target Audience
Facebook ads offer the advantage of targeting specific people who are likely to buy your products and services. In contrast to PPC where keyword matches and location-specific parameters are used, Facebook advertising allows you to be specific with your targeting. That means you’re only showing your ads to relevant users.
In this section, we’ll discuss how you can identify a target audience that is ready to convert:

Audience Creation
The following parameters can be used to determine your audience:

– Location.
– Age.

– Interests.
– Demographics.

Custom Audiences
Remarketing ads target people who have interacted previously with your brand. They may be your past or existing customers. Or perhaps someone who has engaged on your website.

You can win over leads by using tools like Facebook Pixel that are already aware of your business or know who you are.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences enable advertisers to target prospects based on their existing customers. For example, you can target a Facebook audience that looks exactly like your most loyal customers, or those that have engaged with your ads.

Lookalike audiences are ideal if your Facebook ad strategy is all about awareness and prospecting.

4. Write Effective Ad Copy

The one thing your brand must do on Facebook, or any other platform, is to share content and copy that at the same time aims to educate and inform. This is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your audience. As your brand shares high-quality content consistently, it helps you in your market while building trust and credibility with your audience.

Even the littlest things are important, since people aren’t regularly purchasing products from your business or subscribing to your emails. People are constantly engaging with your brand, which will keep your business on their minds.

5. A/B Test Your Ad Copy

A/B testing your copy is crucial. Otherwise, you will receive disappointing results. A/B testing is essentially changing various elements in your ads to see which version performs the best. You can test ad copy against another copy, for example. With just a simple A/B test, you can learn a great deal. The more you test, the better your Facebook ad campaign will perform.

6. Make a Series of Ads

There are probably a series of ads you come across over and over again. They can be boring and annoying. But did you know that showing the same ad repeatedly to your audience can lead to a huge drop in your conversions?

Sequential targeting offers a solution to this problem. By using this ad strategy, business owners like you can target different ads to the same audience throughout all stages of the buying cycle.

You can convert new customers and keep your old ones engaged by using Facebook ads. And since your products and services aren’t subscription-based, you can constantly engage your customers to repurchase. In addition to supporting the ongoing conversion of your Facebook ad audience, it’s also a great way to test the effectiveness of other ad copy from another audience segment.

7. Establish the Right Ad Frequency

The most effective ads do not appear more than six times to the same customer, as we mentioned earlier. To overcome this problem, decide on the frequency specifications during the creation of your ads. This will inform Facebook how many times each customer will see the ad.

Your Facebook advertising strategy should guide customers to find an experience that encourages them to take the action you desire, such as purchasing something or giving you their email address.

You should try experimenting with different frequencies in order to find a balance between the right CPC and CPR for your campaigns.

8- Geo-Target Your Facebook Ads
You should also analyze the metrics you identified in your Facebook Advertising strategy while setting goals, so that you can determine the ROI of your advertising.

Last Thoughts

To determine the best Facebook advertising strategy for your business, you should check each option above and see whether it is appropriate to the different segments of your target market. Choose at least two or three and gradually integrate them as you become more comfortable.

Over time, you will learn which strategy is most effective.



Ghadeer Mohaisen, holder of MA in Arabic Literature, is a writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting and content writing. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engines visibility.

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